Dorr Bothwell (1902-2000)
California School


11¾ x 9¼ inches / 19 x 16½ framed
Signed and dated lower right: “Bothwell 44”

Provenance:		Chet Helms, Atelier Dore, San Francisco, California
								(Until February, 1990)

Note:			CHICKEN FARM, so named by the artist, has the original tag 
			affixed to the verso of the picture identifying the title, medium, 
			and price of $25.  Custom frame by Jerry Solomon Enterprises, 
			Inc. and using “Denglas” to protect the work on paper.

	Dorr Bothwell’s first solo exhibition was in San Francisco in 1927.  She was 
an extremely prolific artist who not only actively exhibited for four decades, but was also an instructor at the California School of Fine Arts, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Parsons School of Design in New York, to name only a few.