Leopoldo Sanchez (1948-      )

Spanish School



28 x 36 inches / 38 x 45½ framed

Oil on canvas

Signed lower left: “Leopoldo Sanchez”


     I love to explain the difficulties of painting in a simple way, almost as if they do not exist.  I organize topics around the human figure, particularly the female form, and around the sea and the men who sail it.  I continually return to images and climates of the Mediterranean.

     Painting is a learning experience which requires knowledge of the object of study, materials and my viewing public.  With these in mind I try to solve the technical problems every painter faces when transforming a canvas into a transmuted version of reality.  I strive for intimacy in my paintings while at the same time I seek a universality which is recognizable by anyone.  I use painting as a medium of expression to transmit a message, to communicate an idea, or to reveal sensations. The subject of the painting is only an excuse to cause a reaction.  My art is for me a form of philosophy.  I paint the sensations or states of spirit it causes inside of me.

Price: $6500.